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Lets discuss consensus and the future of Coinye

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  • Lets discuss consensus and the future of Coinye

    This is has been a pretty hot topic for the past few months with renewed public interest and increased nodes coming online.
    There seems to be much confusion around consensus and future direction, tell us your viewpoint on both of these matters.

    Lets keep this thing breathing..
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    Personally I understand the argument about the consensus rules are immutable for a coin, however Coinye is a special breed IMHO. The original reward consensus wasn't really designed to be this standard in crypto, it was designed to make the original developers and early adopters rich (as seen by initial block rewards of 666,666 COYE) - as the reward halves now down to 40 COYE - the incentive to mine is minimal. I think the coin needs a reboot, keeping the original chain as the basis and forking keeps the roots and allows early adopters to come along, but also opens up the way for new people to enjoy Coinye. In our current construct I think getting listed on any exchange or having anyone take the coin seriously is next to Nil. Therefore our current value is 0. Whether you're a billionaire in COYE or not means nothing and likely never will without some serious changes. Does dilution matter when your coin is worth nothing now? Making it more appealing and fair would give it some actual value.