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When did you first start mining Coinye and did you become a Coinyemillionaire?

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  • When did you first start mining Coinye and did you become a Coinyemillionaire?

    For me it was 10 Jan 2014 (3 days late to the party), started with United Miners then shifted over to Bitember 16 Jan 2014 and stopped mining 27 Jan 2014.

    Was using 10x HP XW4600 workstations and a live linux boot off USB. Made a heap of noise and heated up our shop front more than we would have liked as it was summer and over 40c outside. Archived my wallet and forgot my pass phrase up until a few months ago...

    Lets keep this thing breathing..
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    I knew of coinye pretty early and was a multimillionaire in Doge around this time, unfortunately I sold all of that off years to the big boom though I was happy with my pretty nice returns at the time. I was on the fence about coinye back then, but when it sort of disappeared I moved on. I had some crypto set to the side and kind of just left it all alone for about 2 years until the next big boom in 2017. During the pandemic I had a little spare time and started looking back at older coins that could be "resurrected" and I recalled Coinye. It still made me laugh and after looking at the history I felt the legal issues were kind of no big deal based on the trademarks that were cited in the cease and desist. It was definitely a stretch to claim any infringement there. I found there were a few nodes, but the wallet hadn't been touched since 2014. I took to my first task of setting up a pool because there wasn't anymore. After that I started working on revamping the wallet. My first build "bitye" was the original wallet, but with updated libraries. My second project was more ambitious and I used a later doge wallet, updated that and then forced the coinye block chain into it. I also proposed changing consensus to have an even block reward to incentivize miners, as well as expanding max cap to allow new people to partake in Coinye. This was met by enthusiasm, and hate and for lack of wanting to deal with it at that point, I reverted those changes back and launched it as just a newer wallet that incorporated numerous updated. One of the main ones was node discovery, which no longer depended on IRC. People that use the newer build will find peers are discovered more frequently and have to spend less time editing config files after their initial setup. Lately my projects have been centered around quality of life scripting. I created a faucet on the pool that rewards miners (you can see these random awards tweeted on @gayfishpool sometimes) as well as numerous node config files that get updated every 10 minutes to help people have the latest nodes.